Friday, October 11, 2013

It's the Little Things

I've noticed recently that 
I haven't really talked about the whole
marriage thing on this here blog.
So I've decided to change that right now.

The other day when I was finally starting to feel better,
all I wanted to do was clean the apartment
head to toe and do my laundry.
But I still wasn't feeling well enough,
I hadn't let my body rest between school and work...
there was no way I could clean the apartment.

I texted Dan who was already at work,
asking if he'd mind cleaning the bathroom. 
His immediate response "not a problem, baby."
After I got done getting ready,
I headed downstairs to get my lunch squared away.
The kitchen needed a good cleaning.
Ssoo I texted Sir Dan asking if he'd mind also cleaning the kitchen.
Again his response "sure, babe."

After work I came home to a clean kitchen
and bathroom... 
not like a woman would scrub,
but clean enough to get by.

Our laundry is in the basement,
which is two flights of stairs to go up and down
with a basket or two full of laundry.
I'm short and not super strong,
so it's tough for me to carry them.
On our way out yesterday,
I asked if he'd mind bringing it down for me.
He came back upstairs (which I did not know he wasn't upstairs),
got my basket and brought it downstairs.
But it didn't stop there- he put the load of laundry in for me.
Nope it didn't stop there either.
This morning after we switched it over to the dryer,
I found my basket of clean laundry upstairs waiting for me.

Every day,
my husband does something small that still surprises me.
Whether it's a compliment (which is daily),
the laundry,
rubbing my feet every night,
the little things,
I am constantly shocked at his forever giving.
Sir Dan expects nothing in return,
a kiss and a hug and some cuddling in bed.
The little things are the things I look forward to,
because I never know what their going to be,
or when or why.
I love the little things.


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