Friday, October 25, 2013

The Not So Perfect Me.

Around here I like to keep
things fun, quirky, and all about hair
with a side of food and marriage.
That's the way I normally am
every day in real life as well.

there is a side of me that I try super
hard to hide on a daily basis.

I have severe paranoia and anxiety.
About a lot of things.
And it drives me absolutely nuts every day.

Some things that I constantly think about are:
bugs, lice, money, health, allergic reactions,
death, work, my future, cleanliness...
the list goes on.

Most seem stupid and crazy,
but for some reason they haunt me.
It's a daily struggle to try and get them out of my mind.

I haven't found anything that works
except for whenever I'm with Sir Dan.
He just has this way about making everything go away.
I feel safest when I'm with him.
It's great and bad at the same time.
I'm hoping one day to feel this way on my own.

Every day I work towards relaxing and letting everything go.
Little by little I will get through this.

Does anybody else go through stuff like this?
Any advice??


1 comment:

  1. I'm so glad you posted this. I have the same issue, but with different things. My ex of 3 years was always the one who could make it all go away and then when I was going through a really hard time he just wasn't there which led to our break up a few months ago. It's hard to learn how to handle these issues on my own. I know I'm making progress I just wish it would be easier. I wish I had advice, but I'm looking for some as well!