Friday, November 8, 2013

No no spend November here!

Welcome back!!
To myself that is. 
This week has been nothing shy of complete
Craziness and super tiring. 
I haven't even opened my laptop,
I'm sitting here on my phone during a break at school
Praying this works. 

Anyway- besides my crazy schedule,
There is a point to this post:
Why sir Dan and I aren't participating in 
No spend November. 

Debt sucks. 
There is no doubt about that. 
The government seems to care less about
Racking up our national debt these days
Ssoo there's that. 
Dan and I have student loans,
And that's it for our debt. 
No credit card debt
Or outstanding loans,
Just student loans. 

I think for a one income family 
And one full time student that's pretty freakin awesome. 
We've worked very hard to keep it that way. 
And of course we'd love to see our student loans vanish, 
Who wouldn't?? 

We are paying the monthly payments to pay them down
And over the course of our years- 
They'll be gone. 
And that's fine cause we are making progress. 

I had a client the other day who told me this:
Her father always wanted to go to the Grand Canyon
But passed away before living out his dream. 
He told her  to save money but live for the now. 
I loved that saying. 
We are saving but we are also living. 
We found a groupon for $30 tickets to the
Radio city Christmas spectacular!!
We sale shop 98% of the time. 
We are planning a vacation. 
We will have a date night next week. 
And we are still putting money into savings. 

Why restrict yourself and know what's out there
When you can go live and learn. 
We've perfected budgeting and that's how you 
Can pay off debt/save and have fun. 
Buy 1 not 2 pair of shoes you don't need. 
Go see a seasonal concert (we are!) 
Because they don't travel in the summer or not in November. 
Christmas shop now when all the deals really are!! 

And that's why we aren't participating in no spend November. 
We are too busy living and having a good time :)


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  1. I admit we're in a pretty good place in our lives right now..we have money in our sons college savings and we have money saved. I totally think we all need to live a little..and if a cup of starbucks coffee a day makes someone feel better? Well..go ahead and continue to drink that cup of coffee friends!