Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Pet Peeves

I like to think of myself as a pretty
laid back, go with the flow type of person.
It takes a lot for me to get really mad or aggravated
(unless you knew me when I worked at the bank,
I was often mad).
I choose to live life to the fullest and with much
positivity rather than negativity.

we all have our pet peeves.
Who doesn't?
And if you say you don't,
you are blatantly lying to everybody.

Lets start with one of my top pet peeves:

'I Don't Have Any Money...'
this is probably tied for number 1.
I don't have any money- 
oh but you can go and spend your 'no money' on 
makeup, hair stuff, and clothes that cost
together way more than you don't have?
Yea... not ok.
Especially when you do it to get out of doing something
or just because you want sympathy.
Yes Sir Dan and I don't have a lot,
but I would never go around complaining about it.

I hate liars!!!
Not little white lies that we all tell to ourselves
(ex: I don't care about my weight),
big, bold lies.
For example: a guy at work was secretly dating
a much younger coworker.
We all knew it but they lied straight to everybodys face
and told them nothing was going on.
Until he got promoted to manager and she quit because
they were nervous about getting caught.
Just tell the truth, 
because in the end we all find out some way or another.

Not like on a test, 
even though I can't stand that either,
but on a partner.
If you have an open relationship,
that's one thing.
There's no reason to be married
and sneaking around.
I think it's wrong and immature.
If you can't control yourself,
you shouldn't be in a relationship
or with that person.

The Complainers or One Uppers
We all have these people in our lives.
Those that don't stop whining or complaining about their lives
or the ones that have to one up everything you do.
Can't stand either of them.

Teen Pregnancy
Unless you are actually trying to get pregnant
for some reason at that age.
Nowadays with Teen Mom 1,2,3..etc and
it's almost a game to see who can get pregnant instead
of the opposite way around.
Be responsible,
party with a hat on,
don't sleep around.

'When are you having babies?'
Since Dan and I started becoming serious in our
dating relationship,
we were always asked this question.
Along the same lines- 
when people find out I'm married,
and because they assume I'm 19,
the first question they ask is:
Oh, so you have children.
Enough is enough.
Not for a while when both our careers are stable,
we have done our traveling and adventuring,
after we get a dog,
when we are ready to settle down.
We may  be married,
but that doesn't mean I have to pop out babies right away.
We have a lot of married life to live first.
I personally believe that no matter how long you've been together,
you should spend a bunch of years to get to know each other
and explore, vacation, have little responsibility in your marriage first.

There you have it!!!
Nicole's list of pet peeves.
Can you relate to any of them?


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