Monday, November 18, 2013

Don't Make This Weekend End!!

This weekend was a weekend
I officially don't want to end... EVER!
After a busy, hectic Saturday at school-
I ran home, changed, grabbed Sir Dan,
and met my family to head to dinner
and the Transiberian Orchestra concert.
We went to this authentic German restaurant
before the concert-
which has a beer stein ceiling and entertainment
the entire time!
After dinner,
 we headed over to the concert.
I've listened to their music for years,
and have always wanted to go see them.
My parents treated all of us to the concert,
and our seats are dead center.
The music was incredible,
the light show was unlike I could've ever imagined.
Definitely a MUST see if it comes to your area.

Sunday morning,
Dan and I woke up bright and early,
got ready and headed into NYC.
Our main reason was to see the Radio City
Christmas Spectacular at 7pm.
But we made it a whole date day throughout the city.
We checked the weather and it said cloudy all day,
no problem for us.
We walked out of Grand Central and it was raining.
But nothing could ruin our day.
We bought an umbrella and started walking to Fifth Ave.
We stopped and looked at many window displays,
Tiffanys was definitely my favorite.
We found our inner child,
and headed into FAO Schwartz (bottom left).
Walked the upper East side and 
decided to document the gorgeous brownstones
and beautiful serenity of it all.
We finally made it to Serendipity-
the famous frozen hot chocolate.
We had under and hour wait,
so we went to dylans candy shop and bought
an ornament for the tree.
Every time we head to NYC we go there...
it seemed appropriate.
We walked around for a while and went back to
eat our hearts out.
Their food is ssoo freakin good,
and the frozen hot chocolate is unbelievably bangin.
When we were so full we couldn't move,
we walked to and thru Central Park-
our favorite thing to do.
After Serendipity-
the rain completely stopped which was awesome!
We walked thru the park for a while then 
decided to walk up broadway to Times Square.
The first store we saw was the M&M store.
They added a 'Personalize Your M&M' section,
so we had to try it!
It was a cool project I must say-
great for gifts and announcements. 
These are for us though haha.
We grabbed a pretzel (ya gotta),
sat on the red stairs overlooking Times Square,
did a little more meandoring and then went over to
the fabulous Radio City.

We've seen the show before,
my parents and grandparents would take us 
all the time when we were little.
But they completely changed the show as of two years ago.
The whole entire second half is different-
they added a new storyline with a new message,
changed some choreography and costumes,
and added new songs and dances.
It was truly spectacular.
I think my mouth was open the entire time!
And the best part?!
We found the tickets on groupon for $30 each.
And they were dead center second row mezz...
perfect view of the entire stage!
If you ever want to take a trip to NYC-
it's a must see.

And there ya have it.
Please don't make me go back to reality.
This weekend was like a dream!!



  1. That looks so fun! I'm super jealous! I dream of visiting NYC one day...sooner rather than later! *sigh*

  2. That sounds like a pretty amazing weekend! I love NYC so much and I'm obsessed with Serendipity! Thanks for linking up :)

  3. Sounds like such a great weekend!!! I want to go to NYC sometime, but Zach doesn't like crowds and big cities. Maybe a girls weekend will be in order for that trip. :)

  4. =D LOVE the pics! Actually... no, I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS!! =D