Monday, November 11, 2013

Well Hello There

Wow this sounds like a fun linkup
after actually thinking about it :)
Well Hello There- Monday morning. I actually despise you
this Monday like a normal human because you
are the official end to my crazy work week of 13+ hour days.

Well Hello There- super cute boots I purchased for a 
great price and can't wait to wear every day:

Well Hello There- first whole day I got to spend
with my husband for more than an hour. Since the past 8
days were spent at a photo shoot, work, school, sleeping
and 13+ hour days, I hadn't seen my husband in over a week.
Yesterday we spent the whole day together.

Well Hello There- almost full clientele for the holidays.

Well Hello There- No No-Spend November ...
with our new budget we are sure to still have tons of fun,
see lots of holiday awesomeness,
get our Christmas Shopping done and out of the way,
and STILL save.
(ps- when talking about no spend november with Sir Dan, his response:
well that just sounds boring. This is why we are soul mates).

Well Hello There- super cute paternal side to my hubs. 
This just melts my heart.

Well Hello There- being a nerd and buying the new call of duty.
This is one of the many similarities we have-
when we were dating, this instantly won his heart (so he told me).

Well Hello There- quick coffee break with the husby inbetween work
and school on Friday so we could catch up on our lives.
(yay holiday cups and skinny caramel macchiato)

Well Hello There- amazing photo shoot I got to assist with
last Monday and Tuesday. 
It was such an awesome experience, full of learning!
(don't worry, there'll be a whole post about this sometime soon)

Well Hello There- freakin awesome weekend coming up:
Trans Siberian Orchestra Saturday night with the fam, NYC trip
Sunday for the Radio City Christmas Spectacular

How was your weekend?!

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  1. This is a cute link up idea!! So glad you got to spend all day with Dan yesterday after all the crazyness! The picture of you guys giving piggy back rides is so precious! SO jealous of your upcoming weekend, you guys are going to have a BLAST!!! =D