Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Behind the Scenes

Over the past couple weeks,
I've been lucky enough to be
behind the scenes of some gorgeous photo shoots.
One was a professional photo shoot,
with casting calls, a huge set,
makeup, hair, video and photo shoots.
It was amazing.

Last week-
I was assisting on a bridal shoot
that took place at school.
I helped putting up the hair,
makeup, and on set.
It was awesome!!!
I loved every aspect of it.

Most of the models were students from school,
a couple were family of the owners,
and one (the model with the baby, her baby) works in the salon.
Don't they look gorgeous.
These are also pictures I took on set,
the professional ones are ubelievable and flawless!


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  1. I love seeing your behind the scenes IG pics! Very exciting things you are getting to do, love! Happy for you!