Monday, November 25, 2013

Nicole's Holiday Advice

Since my weekend was pretty
relaxing and low key-
I figured I'd give ya some super
advice on how to go through the holidays
with a bang.
Sir Dan and I have been doing this now
for 5 years, maybe more I've lost track,
so we are use to the chaoticness that comes along
with being together and tons of people to see.

You Will Be Pulled In A Million Directions:
If you have tons of families to see in one day,
you are going to feel like inspector gadget with is 
go go gadget arms and legs because 
everybody wants to see you.
We have 4 places to be each holiday.
Last year we did his family Thanksgiving,
mine Christmas.
We were suppose to switch it around this year.
This year is more complicated cause some families
will be here for Thanksgiving but not Christmas.
And honestly,
I don't care that we will be going to 3 houses on Thanksgiving,
and 3 or 4 on Christmas.
Why not see everybody for all holidays?!
Be Inspector Gadget and use your helicopter hat
to visit your family, his family, and whomever else you want to see.
Now you don't have to worry about one area of the family
bustin your balls for not being there,
or running the risk of being miserable because you didn't
get a chance to see who you wanted.
Just remember: you aren't cooking, cleaning, or buying the alcohol-
so eat, drink, and be merry!

This one basically explains itself.
If you are visiting a few places,
drinking is the best medicine.
It keeps you calm and sane,
while ingesting delicious spiked eggnog:
(Nicole's spiked peppermint eggnog-
mix eggnog and peppermint schnapps together.
Mix in some chocolate.
decorate with a chocolate rim, 
crushed candy canes, and a candy cane).
You're Welcome.

Dress cute but comfy:
The worst feeling in the world is-
an itchy sweater, pants too tight,
feet hurting because of your heels.
In my honest opinion-
it's your family you are going to be with...
they've probably seen you in sweats with 
your hair/makeup not done.
Don't go all out for them.
Find a nice pair of leggings,
a cute but non itchy sweater,
and pair it with some boots.
 (left) yes I am wearing footie pjs and 
Sir Dans shirt says 'my girl has great tatas'

Eat... a lot!
Yes we are all on our diets of choice
and all try to be good throughout the holidays.
But ya gotta live a little.
It's one day outta the year where you can
enjoy some amazing food.
If you are going to drink,
ya might as well eat because drinking
is worse anyway.

Be Merry and Thankful:
No matter what you decide,
be thankful you got to be with loved ones...
and pass out from a food coma.

Happy Holidays Everyone :)



  1. GREAT advice! :) I hope you and Sir Dan have a happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I love this!! Great advice! This year is the first year Zach and I are visiting EVERYONE on Christmas, so it's going to be a busy day!