Tuesday, February 12, 2013

This Might Come Off Bad, But it Needs to be Said...

I am going in to this post knowing that I might lose readers.
And that is completely fine!
This has just been bothering me for some time 
and I think it's something that needs to be pointed out.

A couple months ago I wrote about
why I love blogging.
Every time I write on this here blog,
I feel calm, relaxed, like I can be myself.
And I LOVE that. 

But now it's time to talk about the one thing 
I don't like about blogging.
Yes, there is one thing and it's become
super popular for some reason.
It's also the reason I haven't been commenting a lot.

What is the deal with all these
It seems like every single blogger is hosting
or cohosting some type of giveaway!!!
And some of them are the SAME THING!
For example:
Ho-ly man are these everywhere!!!
At least 10 bloggers are currently having a giveaway
where you get $10 off this lovely date book.

Another two that blew the crap up out of my blog feed:
There's about 20 cohosts for each and everybody entered the giveaway
or mentioned it about 20 times via every social network out there.

I didn't know that entering into bloggy land meant
that everybody would be involved in a giveaway or 100.
And there is no doubt that you can do whatever you want to,
but is this seriously what blogging is all about??
I mean for me it has nothing to do with trying to get free crap.
If you read my post about why I love blogging,
you'll see exactly what I thought and generally still think blogging is all about.
I will never charge for sponsor posts, buttons, or swaps,
I will never host or cohost a giveaway that requires rafflecopter or having to tweet about the giveaway, follow 20 people on facebook, instagram, etc.,
I will continue to blog for me!

Sorry for the serious post,
and I'm sorry if you do not agree.
But it's something I needed to get off my chest.
Rethink about why you blog before you reject this post.
Maybe you'll learn something you didn't realize before :).

Hopefully I'll see you all soon!

Ta ta for now <3



  1. I would never stop following someone for having a differing opinion, that's just childish...so kudos to you for posting what's really on your mind! I will say, though, that I can only agree a little bit...

    ...honestly as a stay at home mom, and someone who plans to grow my blog and turn it into a source of income, charging for ad space and or sponsored reviews and giveaways just comes with the territory. I have only done one, self hosted giveaway (as a thank you to my readers once I reached 100 followers) but I have been approached by multiple companies to host more.

    I say, be choosey and don't just flood your page with reviews and giveaways, but sometimes, it's necessary to go to the next level of blogging!

    Keep being honest, you should get followers that way, not lose them :))

  2. WORD.

    Couldn't agree more. And I don't think I could ever do a giveaway because (to be honest) I would feel like I was "selling out."

    Maybe I would feel differently if companies were chomping at the bit to get me to advertise. Nah, probably not. I'd still feel the same :P

  3. Oh and P.S. I would never drop your blog because I didn't agree with you. I love honesty and feel that many bloggers lack that.

    You go on with yo bad self.

  4. Ha! I completely agree! I come back and my Blogger feed is nothing but giveaways...hello, I actually want to READ something good, I think blogging for some has become more of a popularity contest than producing good, reader worthy material!

  5. A few months ago there was a point that all I did was enter giveaways, but I didn't win any of them. And then my feed was just a bunch of giveaways by the same people that just had one. I got tired of it and stopped following those blogs that I had just started following for the giveaways. Then about 2 weeks ago, I saw the Datevitation one for the first time and it peeked my interest. I didn't have to follow 3148 blogs or leave 95278 comments, I just had to like their Facebook page. And I liked that. I didn't expect to win it, I just thought, Hey, this is something I can do for Zach. And I won.

    But usually, now when I see giveaway in the title of a post, I scroll right past it. I blog for me. I don't blog to win a bunch of giveaways or to gain a bunch of followers by paying for "ad space". I do it for me. If someone wants to follow me, then that's their choice.

    I love this post of yours and I may have to be a copy-cat. ;)

  6. You go girl! Love your honesty, whether I agree or not! Ohh and I love YOU. :-)

  7. Some giveaways seem appealing, I'm not gonna lie!
    But I agree with you.
    You're not gonna be losing me as a reader!
    Hope school goes great today!

  8. eeeek totally agree!! I actually didn't start reading other blogs until like 6 months or less ago and now I wonder what on earth people are doing and remember why i didn't to begin with! Sometimes the things they give away are ridic too...like the victorias secret angel card that you get anytime you buy something around that time of year...I mean come on.

    Oh, well. To each their own :)

    new follower!