Tuesday, February 5, 2013

This. Right Here. Is My... 100th POST!!!

Happy 100th post to my little blog!!!
I can't wait for you to see what's in store.
No there is no giveaway,
or prize,
or 100 facts (that's just too much thinking)...
But there is a vlog.
It is long,
but stick around as long as you can
because it just gets funnier along the way..
even sir dan said so!

So without a further note:
my 100th post celebration!



  1. I love this. Yes, I watched it again.
    I most definitely did.
    I may need to do a VLOG that isn't a link up one of these days!

  2. Oh my god girl, hahahaha. I'm in the SAME boat as you! Since gaining my college/newlywed weight, my boobs have gotten bigger (E likes), but I know the minute I start working out, they will shrink..as evidence from this summer when we had to do a last minute alteration to my dress cause of it! I'm with you, I like my boobies ;) And I am with ya on the annoying ringtones! I have the most annoying ringtone for my alarm and it works!

  3. This. Right here, Is My. Swag! haha
    Loved this! It was a way better idea!
    I'm scared to lose a lot of my boobage too.
    I'm okay with them going down a little, for relief purposes. But I'm a DD now, I don't really want to go below a C (which I think is where I should be anyway). We'll see. lol
    I'm the same with my drink addiction. Only mine's Mountain Dew. It's one of the worst things for you & I care, but then again I don't care! lol It tastes SOOO good!
    I'm also messy & hate cleaning at home, unless I get in the mood to.
    And I'm a pack rat. And my car is my baby, but it's a disaster. I try to assure her that I love her, I just hate cleaning. lol
    You are too funny.
    & You're so pretty & you do not look funny without glasses!
    That's crazy talk!

  4. Happy 100th post friend!! :) I've never done a vlog, but maybe I need to!

  5. I freaking love this! It really does get funnier as it goes on. And I think you look beautiful with or without your glasses. :)