Monday, February 25, 2013

Mid Monday-ness

Ello folks!! 
It's Monday afternoon and guess what I'm doing...
Sitting on my couch watching netflix,
just took a shower,
smelling my thrown together crockpot dinner,
That's right folks- I said the 'r' word.
Because school is Tuesday through Saturday,
my weekends are Sundays and Mondays.
Sundays are spent with family and friends,
and Mondays since everybody works are for moi.
I don't do anything I don't absolutely have to.
And it's great if I have to run errands,
the stores are ghostly which is my favorite!

But today,
I didn't get up till 10am,
actually got out of bed around 11:30am,
I made a delicioso breaky/lunch,
watched TV,
wrote a post for tomorrow,
just took a shower,
and did some online window shopping...
That last one is a killer.
Because blog loves-
I need YOU!
I found these amazing shoes that I can't tell if I should
splurge on. 
See at school,
I have to wear aalllll black.
As you can imagine my closet is very dreary looking.
But I don't have a lot of black shoes.
I was browsing online and found these two beauts:
Both are from the same store and it's buy one
get the second one for $15. 
What do you all think??

Another thing that I can't understand,
we live in a great complex!
I absolutely love it and don't want to move.
We moved here this past August.
The people across the street moved out around Christmas,
and we loved it.
Not that they bothered us, 
but we took over their parking spot which is right in front of our place.
Well of course somebody just moved in,
and our extra spot is gone.
And not only that,
but they have what we believe to be is a dog
that howls and whines 
Which makes the dogs on either side of our apt
go crazy
We had such wonderful peace and quiet for the 6-7 months we've lived here
thats one of the main things I love about this place.
Now, in just over a week,
our peace and quiet is gone!
We don't know what to do about it,
but sheesh somethings going to have to be done!

Ok that little rant over haha.
I also want to say a quick WELCOME to my newest followers.
As you can see,
my life is fun and crazy. 
If you want to get to know me, my husband, and life a little better...
check out these:
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Don't forget to follow me on all major social networks:
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All those videos are a great gateway into knowing who I am.
I am glad to have you around,
and will try to be better about blogging.

Ta ta for now <3

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  1. What are you making for dinner? Can I come over? Oh, wait...I'm in Ohio... I love crockpot dinners! And I'm jealous that you get Mondays to yourself!