Monday, February 11, 2013

A Nemo Inspired Instagramazing Weekend

Happy Monday!!! 
Yes it is the happiest Monday I've had in yyyeeaarrss!!!
Do you know why??
Because Mondays do not exist for me anymore.
Do you know why that is?
Because I have school Tuesday through Saturday!!!
So Mondays are my weekend!
Yes weird I know but I would just like to say
how excited, happy, and ecstatic I am currently
that I am NOT in the bank.
Yesterday when I woke up and realized I don't have to go to work
I literally jumped for joy.
Like 100 times.
It was great.
I'm apologizing now for those of you who are
currently jealous...
but this is much deserved :)

now that you are in a jealous fit...
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the beginning of Nemo 

during the fabulous blizzard, 
Dan and I finally got to start on our 
home improvement projects.
I've been wanting to attack and redo the kitchen,
and with a snow day... that FINALLY happened.
and this picture is all the stuff we had in our pantry!! 
Crazy amounts of foodage happened.

the before and after pictures from our home project. 
I am ssoo happy with the outcome you have no idea!!

While everybody was taking pictures of the snow, cars, etc...
I was all like 'hey lets make homemade hashbrowns'
We had a romantic gourmet breakfast Saturday morning.

the only reason I somewhat made it through
the hardcore ab workout
No more bank = finally getting my nose piercing back!!!
Saturday we ventured out post blizzard to see what the roads were like...
we ended up at his parents house and I got to enjoy the best chocolate banana shake
thats 160 calories EVER.
Also... my mother in law played Just Dance 4 with me... does yours do that??
two things about this picture besids my awesome cup:
1.) Our Keurig is kinda off when it comes to filling (note the super full cup)
2.) If you've never tried Cafe Delights coffee pods... do it NOW!
I can drink the whole box of pods with no regret it's that good...
and it doesn't taste like coffee or a latte at all!!!
Uh I think I'm gonna go get another one now.
My Sunday consisted of video games,
writing a blog post or two while Dans at his brothers,
movies, and a quick grocery trip.

That was my awesome instagramazing weekend.
I can't wait to see all your wonderful pics from your
hopefully not blizzard filled weekend.

Ta ta for now <3


1 comment:

  1. You guys didn't get hit as hard as us.. your lucky!
    Our road FINALLY got plowed this morning.
    SOO glad that I had other things to look at on Instagram besides snow!
    Thank you for that! heheh =) YAY no bank!!
    Looooove the pictures of your breakfast. YUM.