Monday, February 18, 2013

My Instagramazing Week into Weekend Hiatus

Welcome back to me fellow bloggers.
Yes I've been MIA for the past weekish.
It's been a very busy, crazy, yet amazingly awesome week.
Unfortunately I'm just making a quick stop in to share some
of my awesome pics with you all.
I'm not sure when I'll be posting this week again,
I already have a lot of things planned.

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My weekend consisted of school Friday and Saturday,
getting a cold Friday evening but kicking its butt
with some emergen-C cause I ain't got time fo that,
and relaxing on Sunday with my great family.
Also, it was a tan free weekend at a local chain salon,
and my sister wanted to try out the sunless spray tan that is 
unlike most spray tan machines...
so what did I do? 
Of course went and LOVED it!
No blotching, orangey skin, and no wetness.
And I have a rockin tan already,
no burn and no cancer risk.
It's called Veraspa if any of your salons have them.
Definitely an amazing free tan sesh.

All set and ready for school :)

the hardest and most fun homework:
learning how to properly use scissors,
so much harder than it looks

The first week we cut the classic bob 3 times, curled the bob,
learned how to foil, and blow dry

 I got the great pleasure of shampooing, blow drying, and curling her hair
in preparation for her Valentines Day night.
She kept her hair like this for 4 days and used dry shampoo in between.

 kicking whatever was a brewin in the butt!
Drank these nasty bad boys for 2 days
and instead of whatever it could've been,
I just have a stuffy nose.

A much needed relaxing Sunday.
You can't see my tan because of the light,
but boy is it there.

Follow me on instagram at n_gilbert_0601
even if I'm not posting,
you'll be able to watch my adventure through school :)

Ta ta for now <3



  1. YAY! I'm seriously SO glad that you are enjoying school so much. Those curls on that girl looked amazing! & she had them for 4 days?! That's awesome! We need to get together again soon when things calm down a little bit. =) Love yaaaa

  2. Those highlights look fun...I wish I had the guts to do that to my hair!

  3. Well geeze, if we were closer to each other, you could just do my hair!! :) And ps, I hear you on the whole "give-away" thing from your post below. agree lady, agree! xoxo

  4. My sister went to that school and loved it! Good luck! Glad to hear you love it so far!