Monday, February 4, 2013

A Memorable Instagramazing Weekend

Hello my blog buds!
I'm back from my couple days off of the blog world.
And with tons of pictures of course!!
Let's get right to it.

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Friday my handsome husband surprised me by 
asking me out on a date.
We decided to try some place new
that was on the Best of CT list:
Cafe Goodfellas.
It was remarkable!! 
Absolutely amazing food.
We started off with some fresh bruschetta,
I had Pork Milanese and he had chicken parm,
and for dessert we had tartufo!!
They gave us two glasses of champagne to celebrate 
our 8th monthaversary.
The best part of Dan not drinking-
I got both ;)
We had a very romantic night,
he was super charming and I loved having
a romantic night with my husband considering 
time is not going to be in our favor 
once school and work starts.

Saturday night we met up with Karla and Scott to have
dinner and drinks at their favorite bar: Eli Cannons.
It is the coolest bar ever-
they have decor EVERYWHERE!!! 
Things hanging from the ceiling,
the bar (above, around, behind),
the walls, everywhere!!
And while you wait you can have as much
freshly popped popcorn as you can get!
They also have about 50 beers on tap,
all listed and dated as to when the keg was tapped.
After the bar,
we headed to their house for Mario Party 2,
and laughed until we cried!!

Super Bowl Sunday was spent at my parents, low key and comfy.
The boys (and I) played video games on the plasma before the game,
the pups cuddled with us all day,
we cooked and ate like we never ate before (well kinda),
and watched the Ravens kick butt!
We also received horrible news that one of me and my sisters
coworkers at the bar passed away this morning.
He was young, funny, and a great guy.
We are unsure as to what happened,
but he will truly be missed by the Mcguires family.

We had a fabulous weekend that I wish didn't have to end.
Now onto my last and final Monday ever!
School is Tuesday thru Saturday,
so I will never have a Monday :)
One week until my dream comes true!!

tomorrow is my 100th post
and I have NO idea what to do for it,
if anything at all...
any suggestions??


  1. Loooove it.

    So sorry about your co worker =(

    Can't believe tomorrow is your 100th post!!
    You should do something like... 100 random facts about you...
    hahaah idk. Whatever you do... make it epic! & I know you will!
    LOVE YA!

  2. I agree with Karla, 100 facts about you, or something like that!

    Sorry about your co worker. :(

  3. I'm SO glad someone else does the "monthiversaries" too! E's been giving me crap lately for doing it. "Do we have to do this like...forever?" His EXACT quote this weekend. Turdbucket. And I'm glad you ladies had fun this weekend! xo